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eCommerce Search Traffic

eCommerce search traffic


eCommerce Search Traffic Tips & Tricks

How strong is search traffic from the top online stores such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Asos, Ali Express, etc? Many researchers from past years agree that on-site searches are 1.8 percent more likely to convert than regular users.

We’ll share our secret with you – now you can target eCommerce search users using our Injection traffic (contextual pops). Yes, that’s right – you can grab those users that commit search on top online stores worldwide – and get them to your landing page.

The opportunities are absolutely endless!

How does e-commerce search traffic work?

That’s easy. Create a new Contextual Pops (Injection) campaign and on the Targeting page, you will see an option to enable run_of_ecom. Create Your Campaign Here!

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