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Injection Traffic - ABSOLUTELY ENDLESS!

Pay per click advertising

Injection Traffic is very targeted and converting.

It allows you to inject your landing pages in front of users that browse specific websites or search keywords you choose.

We are now taking this WAY further – allowing you to target users while they are committing specific action while browsing!

This crazy targeting can be done by targeting specific parts of the URLs, and we’ll share a few examples:

  1. Let’s target users who have just added products to their cart. It’s simple! Just add “/cart” to your keyword list and your landing pages will appear in front of users viewing a URL that has “/ cart” in its path.
  2. If you wish to target users who sign in to your website – add “/sign-in” and “/login” so you can promote, for example, VPN products or password utilities.
  3. If you sell great electronic products, let’s target the keyword “/electronics” – and you will start getting traffic from users who actively browsing the “electronic” category on Amazon.

Got the point? The opportunities are ABSOLUTELY ENDLESS!

How does it work?

Once you create a Contextual Pops (Injection) campaign, you have three options to target. We’ll list them as a reminder, including this great new feature that we have described above:

  1. By Domains – for example, if you type yelp.com and craigslist.org – your landing page will be injected when the user browse any of these websites.
  2. By Keywords – when the user searches them in any of the search engines or e-commerce websites. For example, if you type “sneakers” – your landing page will show when the user searches for “sneakers” in any of the search engines (Google, Bing, etc) or e-commerce websites (Amazon, Walmart, etc)
  3. By URL (NEW) – if you wish to target part of a URL, type it along with its preceding slash. For example, if you will target “/signin” your landing page will be injected when a user browses any website with an inner page that includes “/signin” as part of its path.

Domains Blacklist – an extra account-level layer of targeting

On top of that, to make sure you have more flexibility in your targeting, we have added an option to blacklist certain domains from sending you traffic. This option is available under “Manage Account” ->” Domains Blacklist”. Any domain name that you type there will be blocked from all of your campaigns.

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