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Product Trends Week 5: Don't bite your tongue

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Product Trends: Fresh grass still grows in old soil.

So far, 2021 has felt a lot like 2020.

With January behind us, little has changed. Much of the world is still in quarantine. Casual trips to the dentist, spa, or barber still come with a laundry-list of complexities and customers are still looking for products that help avoid them. It’s normal to feel a sense of deja vu.

But one BIG change is fuelling a whole new set of trends⁠—us. And we’ve changed a lot.

Remember back in March 2020, when toilet paper sales soared? At the time, it was believed that an inevitable supply-chain disruption would cause a massive shortage and that we needed to stock-up to stay ahead of it.

Of course, the massive supply-chain disruption never came. There was a shortage of toilet paper, but in an ironic twist, the only thing fuelling it was panic-buying in preparation for a shortage.[1]

When toilet paper sales sank back down to pre-pandemic levels, it wasn’t because any circumstances of the pandemic had changed.

It was because we changed.

This has been an ongoing process since then. As we learn more about the crisis, we become better at managing it, and our needs and spending habits evolve.

New grass still grows from old soil, and new trends still grow from old circumstances.

Here’s what’s trending:

Tongue scraper

Tongue scraper

Tongue scrapers are tools used for cleaning the surface of the tongue. Usually crafted from metal or plastic, these devices come in a wide variety of designs (each of which may function a little differently) but are all made to assist in the same, often overlooked aspect of oral hygiene.

Tongue scraper infovia Google Trends

Search interest in tongue scrapers has been growing for years, with 2020 seeing the highest numbers so far. But 2021 is already on track to be even bigger⁠—numbers this January were significantly higher than in 2020, meaning tongue scrapers could see huge sales this year.

💡Marketing tip: Tongue scrapers could be a good gateway into building a brand around oral hygiene products, but you’ll need to build strong relationships with your customers. Try retargeting previous customers with offers for “companion” products like flossers, toothbrushes, and interdental picks to build up brand recognition and loyalty.

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Light therapy lamp

Light therapy lamp

Light therapy lamps, or “solar simulators”, are medical devices used to alleviate symptoms of a number of mental health conditions⁠—primarily seasonal affective disorder⁠ (SAD), but also depression and circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

Light therapy lamp trendsvia Google Trends

Light therapy lamps had a big holiday season, but search interest hasn’t abated yet. Search interest in the first weeks of 2021 is nearly twice as high as the first weeks of 2020, with February numbers on track to be higher as well.

💡Marketing tip: Light therapy lamps are medical products, so customers will need to trust your business before they purchase from you. Check out our customer trust checklist and learn how visitors evaluate the trustworthiness of a new brand.

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Tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizers are hydrating facial creams that also add a layer of color to the skin to help smooth out minor blemishes.

Worn with makeup, tinted moisturizers can act as a foundation, but they’ve become especially popular as an alternative to makeup, providing less-skilled makeup artists with a fast and easy way to cover up minor blemishes.

Tinted moisturizer trendsvia Google Trends

Last year, search interest in tinted moisturizers started growing in February, peaked in March, and held steady for the remainder of the year. In 2021, interest seems to be growing faster, with higher January numbers, meaning this year’s peak could be even bigger.

💡Marketing tip: If you’re selling skincare products, a great way to retain customers and build brand affinity is by creating a subscription box that gives your customers the option of having replacement products delivered quickly and easily.

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Swiss cheese plant

Swiss cheese plant

Houseplants had one of their most profitable years ever in 2020 and many varieties are still climbing in popularity. One such product is the swiss cheese plant, named for its distinct holey surface and known for being easy to cultivate indoors.

Swiss cheese plant trendsvia Google Trends

Like most houseplant varieties, swiss cheese plants had a banner year in 2020. Growth started in March and had a smooth, prolonged peak over the summer. This year, search interest has been growing since Christmas.

All through January 2021, week-to-week searches have been more than double what they were in 2020. Assuming trends follow the same, smooth peak as last year, expect huge sales for swiss cheese plants as the weather heats up.

💡Marketing tip: Plants are especially vulnerable to shipping damage, so make sure you’re employing the best shipping and fulfillment practices and account for shipping costs in the price of your products.

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