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Pay Per Click Advertising: Direct Advertising Network

 Pay per click advertising

We have launched 3 new features during the last few weeks:

Language Targeting
You can now limit your campaigns to show to users with specific browser language(s). This can be useful, for example, if you wish to target the Hispanic market in the USA. In this case, you target the USA as the GEO and Spanish as the browser language.
You can find this option under the campaign’s settings -> “Language Targeting”

Direct Brand Traffic
Direct Brand traffic allows you to get highly engaged users that are actively searching/browsing specific brand. This traffic works great for brand-to-brand campaigns and for brand-to-competitor(s) campaigns.
Direct Brand traffic is super targeted and you can only select brands from our pre-configured list of brands, but if the brand you are interested in does not show up, you can apply for it and our team will map it for you.
You can find this feature under “Targeting” when you create a new Direct Ad campaign or edit one.

Negative Keywords on Run Of Network (Direct Ads)
Even when you buy Run Of Network, there may be cases where you wish to exclude certain keywords. This option is now available for you when you create or edit Direct Ad, under “Targeting”.

Contextual Ads (Injection Traffic)
Don’t forget to try our Contextual Pops (Injection Traffic) – these ads are injected by browser toolbars and extensions and are triggered by domain names or keywords. Ads are injected as pop ads when the user types in a URL and/or searches a keyword. ANY domain name can be targeted and the more popular it is – the more traffic will be triggered. Injection Traffic is Great for e-commerce, travel, and any merchant-to-merchant campaigns.

We hope that you will find these new features useful. Account Login/Signup

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