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eBay Smart Share Browser Extension Enhancements

Ebay Smart Share Browser Extention

Last week, we announced an update to Smart Share that requires you to sign in to use the browser extension. The change was part of our ongoing commitment to providing industry-leading tools, and this week we’re excited to roll out more Smart Share improvements.

First, we’ve added three new features that make link creation and sharing easier than ever:

  • Link Shortener: Quickly create short links to share on social media, forums, blog posts, and other channels
  • QR Code Generator: Expand your marketing presence with QR codes that can be embedded in images, video, and digital billboards
  • Twitter Social Share: Reach a wider audience by sharing links directly to Twitter

Second, we streamlined the link creation process by enabling campaign auto-syncing. Your campaigns will automatically be added to the ‘Select a Campaign’ dropdown menu as they’re created—no more downloading files.

Finally, each Smart Share feature now has a dedicated Tool ID to help you better analyze and understand your Performance by Tool report.

Smart Share will be automatically updated on Tuesday, February 9.

Read more about the Smart Share browser extension here.

The eBay Partner Network team

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