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AI Video Creation Is Here

AI video generation, video progress bars and waveforms

See how it works

Now you can convert any text content into a video with just one click. Paste a piece of text, an entire article, or a link to your blog post, and sit back while AI generates a video for you.

Convert any text content

Enhance your videos with Waveforms and Progress Bars

Waveforms are animations that visualize your video’s sound. Generate a waveform for your podcast promotion, music clip, or video interview to add a professional touch and make your video stand out.

Add waveforms to videos

Add a dynamic progress bar to your video to boost engagement. Animated progress bars are a great way to hold the viewers’ attention and increase your video’s watch time.

Add progress bars to videos

Head over to the video editor to check out the new features. You will find waveforms and progress bars in the Enhancers step.
Login/Signup on desktop, click “+ New Video” and choose “Blog post” or “Text” to try it out.