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Great news today…

I just checked the latest rankings at Profitable Mailers and FAFY is #1 and VMFY is #2!

This week everyone that claims the FAFY promo code will be entered into a drawing for a lifetime FAFY banner.

If you claim both codes, you could win 2 lifetime banners.

If you are not a member of both sites yet, what are you waiting for? They work together to give you different ways to advertise your sites. If you want your banners and text ads to show at both sites, you need to be a member of FAFY. If you want to be able to promote your site above the menu of both sites via a “Headline Ad” you need to be a member of VMFY.

This video shows you how to join both:

The promo codes this week are a surprise. It could be credits, banners, solo ads etc.

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Viral Mailer For You websites.


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