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Google Ads Scorecard

EXCLUSIVE’s new Google Ads Scorecard will show exactly how your Search and Shopping ads stack up and pinpoint the biggest opportunities for improvement.

This Scorecard compresses 22 years of managing Google advertising into one critical performance tool for ecommerce, covering four key areas:

• Products: Surfacing your “hidden gem” products that convert faster.

• Search Terms: Identifying keywords with the most wasted spend.

• Campaigns: Are you allocating the right budget to the right campaign?

• Brand vs. Non-brand: Are competitors stealing your customers?

Request your free Scorecard to enable dramatic growth in your Google Ad program!


P.S. Google employees are co-presenting a free webinar with us tomorrow, August 19, at 2 p.m. Eastern Time, to explain changes in Google Ads that could greatly impact your holiday sales. Register here >.