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Learn Ecommerce Marketing – Free Course

Learn Ecommerce Marketing – Free Course

In the past 4 weeks, Neil Patel has released Ecommerce Unlocked, a free course that teaches you ecommerce marketing.

It includes videos, cheat sheets, worksheets, and templates.

You can get access to the whole course here (no email or signup is required).

And if you have already been keeping up with Ecommerce Unlocked… make sure you watch the last 3 lessons:

Shopping ads – watch it if you want to learn one of the easiest ways to generate sales. (make sure you download the ad audit checklist)

Alternative marketing channels – learn new channels you can leverage to grow your sales. (download the resource files that teach you how to get started)

Mindset – learn the right mindset you need and learn from successful marketing campaigns. (go through the action versus value worksheet)

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Hope you enjoyed Ecommerce Unlocked.