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How to win in business

How to win in business

Do you know what it takes to become the dominant force in the marketplace?

And I don’t mean technical and tactical stuff like improving the product, having better packaging, improving your conversion rates, and so on.

Things like this are very important, but chances are it won’t make you a top player in your market.

What you need to do is to change your business philosophy.

Meaning, you should start looking at your business, yourself, and your marketplace in a whole different way.

Your customers are not just your buyers – they’re people who need help to make a decision, advice on what to buy and how to use it, and so on.

You and your business are not just product providers – you’re your client’s most trusted advisor and counselor who always has their best interest in mind.

This means never letting them buy something you don’t think they need.

Or never letting them buy something less quality than they should, less quantity than they should, less frequently than they should.

Even if it means losing a sale in the short run, you’re actually building yourself a strong position in the future.

This is the basic principle of what Jay Abraham, a world-renowned business and marketing strategist, calls – the strategy of preeminence.

A few days ago a buddy of mine reminded me of a video where Jay Abraham goes into full detail about this strategy.

I rewatched it again, and I truly believe that you should watch it, too, if you want to dominate your market and be more than just a product provider.