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How To Design Your Shopify Store Almost For Free

How To Design Your Shopify Store

Mordechai Arba here from Ecomhunt with a new video that will show you how to design a Shopify store almost for free!

Our main purpose is for our users to be successful drop shippers, and it really pains me to see when our dear users throw their money away…

Money goes for a “perfect” logo design instead of testing more audiences or creating a better ad to beat the competition and make some sales!

So for this week’s video, Serban is going to show you LIVE exactly how much money you should spend when creating a dropshipping store.

Instead of throwing hundreds(or even thousands) of dollars on logos and banners, only a fraction of it will be invested towards your store design.

Want to know how we do it? Then make sure to watch this week’s video!

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