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5 Minute Abs - Monday Motivation

5 Minute Abs - Monday Motivation

You know that saying – “Abs are made in the kitchen” well it’s true. Annoyingly true. Yes, genetics play a big factor in how the abdominal muscles show through, but if your diet is sh*t, it’s incredibly unlikely those abs of yours will be poppin’ (especially as we age). You can do all the sit ups, all the crunches, all the mountain climbers in the world, but if you don’t eat clean on a regular basis, it will be tough to get that six pack you’re dreaming of. I once had a friend ask me how to get his abs to show through and when I told him to quit drinking, he called me a b*tch. The truth hurts.

With all that being said, a strong core means strong lifts. If you’re not engaging your core before you lift any kind of weight, you’re not only putting your body at risk for injury, but you’re also not getting the full potential from the movement. Learning to engage your core while working out will be incredibly beneficial in many ways. So instead of thinking about doing abs to simply get that six pack you’re hoping for, think about the big picture. A stronger core will mean a stronger body, especially in the long run. A stronger body means a life full of more adventures and whatever else you throw at it!

Now check out this video below!

While doing any of these movements, truly think about the core before you begin. Think about the core coming together like a corset, squeezing together and down towards your spine. So often we go into a movement without engaging the muscle first or throughout. Try to change that when doing these movements. In the plank, picture yourself in a crunch position, which will round the back a bit and make you shake more. The shake is a good thing. When starting a v-up, think about the core pulling your body together, instead of the arms and legs doing the work. The more you can engage the core before you begin the movement, the better!

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